Herbs for Constipation

Herbs for Constipation

Herbs for Constipation – Using the Right Herbs for Constipation

Some people do not trust using herbs for constipation or for any reason whatsoever. The main reason is because the FDA has not approved many of these natural remedies for many ailments you may have.

Some people fear the use of herbs for constipation or for anything else is due to the horror stories they have heard. Many people have blamed herbs for causing serious side effects of even death. In reality, if people would look at the whole picture, the reason these people incurred horrible side effects or died by using herbs is because they weren’t fully informed about the herbs. The same thing can happen with over the counter medication and prescription medication as well.

If you decide to start using herbs for constipation relief or for other ailments, you must first study them and you are encouraged to speak with an herbal expert at your local health food store. These people will be able to help you to not only find the right herbs, but the best herbal remedies for you.

Herbal Teas for Constipation

Stimulant herbal teas are popular for the herbal relief of constipation. When taken at the appropriate dosage, certain herbal teas can not only cure occasional constipation but can also control the reoccurrence of constipation. As with any other stimulant, you have to be careful not to allow your body to be addicted to the herbs.

Any type of overuse of stimulant laxatives, whether from herbs for constipation or from over-the-counter pills can weaken the digestive tract and your intestines will not know how to work properly without the herbs or laxatives. It is almost as if the intestines have forgotten how to work.

Drinking these herbal tea concoctions can be good for you and can be a great source of herbs for constipation relief. But you should only consume them when you are constipated and in moderation. Ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing”, well that stands true in drinking herbal teas to cure constipation. As said before, relying too heavily on any laxative method to cure constipation can be harmful to your digestive system.

You may have noticed that no specific “herb” has been mentioned when speaking of herbal teas. The reason is because some herbal tea concoctions have recently come under fire from the FDA because of their dangerous amounts of different herbs.

Herbal teas are not all created equal, before using herbs for constipation, speak with a licensed herbalist. He or she will be able to tell you the specific herbs for you, your height, weight, and so on. These herbal teas can be very safe and can cure constipation but you need to respect the herbs at the same time.

Yes they are from nature, but not all of them were meant to be ingested and the wrong mixture of herbs; just as the wrong mixture of prescription medication, can be dangerous.
Herbs for constipation can be effective, efficient, safe, and inexpensive but only under the guidance of a professional herbalist.

Cure Your Constipation In 3 Simple Steps

Old backed up feces can cause severe health problems, so make sure you go at least twice a day!

Step 1: Do A Colon Cleanse

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Step 2: Take A Probiotic

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Step 3: Drink A Fiber Shake

Mix 3 tsp sprouted ground flax powder with psyllium powder and 500 ml of water. Drink this every day until you start getting at least 2 bowel movements a day.

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